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Hey everyone!! XD LOL
I'm trying to find some new rp buddies! XD
I am always able to rp everyday, and am looking for a person who can rp as much as I do, but of course it's normal to have a life so I don't expect that you be online everyday, but just most of the time, and if something comes up. Don't be afraid to let me know I'll understand ^^
I'm guessing to mostly find boyfriends and girlfriend for my Oc's that aren't already in a relationship with someone elses Oc's lol XD
So we can do ANYTHING during our rp's (just no deaths) 
But here's a lists of my Oc's that are not already in a relationship so you guys can pick anyone else, that ARE ON THIS LIST!!! And no one else but the ones on THIS LIST!!!
And here's links of what they look like and some information about them XD
1) Coco:  Nothing is Promised by lovejoyolivia (She has Bobcat DNA in her)

2) Franky:  I'm Trouble.... by lovejoyolivia

3) Octo:  When I See Ya by lovejoyolivia

4) Antonia:  Hey There Foxy  by lovejoyolivia (She has Fox DNA in her)

5) Fidelia: I'm in Control by lovejoyolivia 

6) Missy:  Hey..... by lovejoyolivia (NEW!)


8) Mimi:  She's a Keeper by lovejoyolivia (updated version coming soon) (She has Ram DNA in her)

9) Carmella: Look Alive by lovejoyolivia (and here's her bio sheet too)…

10) Penelope: 

Mature Content

My Siren Song by lovejoyolivia
 (She's is half Witch and half Siren)

11) Felisa: Red as a Rose by lovejoyolivia (and her bio sheet too)…

12) Abelia: Exotic by lovejoyolivia (and here's her bio sheet too)… (She has Swan DNA in her)

13) Yuyun:  Such a Distraction by lovejoyolivia (NEW!)

14) Orlando:  Back Up by lovejoyolivia

15) Orsino:  My Man Orsino by lovejoyolivia

16) Kyoko:  DJ PANDA!  by lovejoyolivia (She has Panda DNA in her)

17) Claudia:  Bird of Prey (5/7) by lovejoyolivia ( Half Witch, Half Harpy) ( Need to make a bio sheet)

18) Celio:  Oh Me, Oh My..... by lovejoyolivia

19) Vincenzo:  Save it Bro..... by lovejoyolivia (updated version coming soon)

20) Eliseo:  Hawaiian Beast by lovejoyolivia 

21) Angelina:  Does it Look Like I'm an Angel? by lovejoyolivia (updated version coming soon)

22) Annalise:  Be Real by lovejoyolivia (updated version coming soon)

23) Celestina:  Celestina by lovejoyolivia (updated version coming soon) (She has Fox DNA in her)

24) Franko:  Rough and Tough by lovejoyolivia  (Need to make a bio sheet)

25) Armor:  Back to Square One by lovejoyolivia (The guy with the red hair on top, I'm gonna make an updated version of him soon)

26) Aaron:  Aaron- Come to Bed with Me by lovejoyolivia

27) Angelo Jr: (Note me on dA for info about this Oc) 

28) Dakota: (Note me on dA for info about this Oc)

29) Luna: (Note me on dA for info about this Oc)

30) Josette: (Note me on dA for info about this Oc)

31) Salomon: (Note me on dA for info about this Oc)

32) Salvador: (Note me on dA for info about this Oc)

33) Silvio: (Note me on dA for info about this Oc)

34) Olivia:  Gorgeous Bandit by lovejoyolivia ( She has Raccoon DNA in her) ( Need to make bio sheet)

35) Raoul: (Note me on dA for info about this Oc)

36) Donato: (Note me on dA for info about this Oc)

37) Violeta: (Note me on dA for info about this Oc)

38) Seleste:  Setting Fires by lovejoyolivia ( She's a Dragon Demon) ( Need to make bio sheet)

39) Zelma:  Thief in the Night by lovejoyolivia ( She's a Hispanic Witch) ( Need to make a bio sheet)

40) Azalea:  Demon Girl by lovejoyolivia ( She's half Succubus, half human) ( Need to make a bio sheet)

41) Spindella:  NEW OC: Spindella by lovejoyolivia ( She has Spider DNA in her)

42) Calista:  Pale Beauty by lovejoyolivia ( She's a dragon demon)

43) Olivett: 

Mature Content

Demonic Pleasure by lovejoyolivia
 (She has dragon DNA)

44) Natasha:  Warm Up Baby.... by lovejoyolivia (She has dragon demon)

45) Blair:  Dangerously Beautiful by lovejoyolivia ( She has Sabortooth Tiger DNA)

**** The Oc's that don't have any pictures yet, you must note me on dA for info about them, but just so you know I some of them, I actually have pictures for but I haven't uploaded them on dA yet. So if you want to see them before everyone just let me know guys and I'll be happy to show you XD.****

Here are all of my other Oc's are AVAILABLE!! XD LOL and they need some loven XD 
But I only rp on Skype and dA Notes, and if you guys are interested, send me a "note" on of course dA, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. XD


So here's part 2 of the types of people and OC's that I would LOVE! to Rp with XD

(First) Of course take a look at my characters and ask questions about them, because almost all of my characters have to do with the "Mafia". I would like it if both of our Oc's generally look the same, for example they have piercings, multi-colored dyed hair, tattoos, swag, hipster, casual, rock/punk clothing. (If not, then it's no problem)
Of course your guys can ask me questions about different "themes" that you guys might have in mind, that you would like to have our Oc's in; as long as my characters can still have something to do with the "Italian Mafia and Columbian cartel".

(Second) All/most of my characters are all related one way or another. I will also make "Reference Sheets" or "Bio Sheets" for the characters that will be used in Rps. So don't worry I will make sure that my "Rp Buddies" will know more about my characters that YOU! decide to pick. That's right everyone! you guys get to pick which one of my OC's that ARE! on the list on my journal "Rp Buddies" XD lol.

(Third) But if you wish to Rp with me, you must be around like most of the time, because I love to rp all day everyday. Please let me know if something comes up, if you cannot Rp that day or for a certain amount of hours of that day. And I will do the same for you. I only wish of this because I kinda find it rude if someone just leaves me here waiting, when we both just started rping and someone disappears on me right in the middle of rping. Because then I'm just sitting here waiting/waisting my day for your rply, so I just think it's common courtesy for the both of us to do this for each other, please and thank you. And I just hope I'm not being rude lol XD

(Fourth) Yes our Rp's will be 18+, because I love doing different scenes like Sex, Fight, Pregnancy, Cursing, Blood, Gore, and Kinky shit too during the sex scenes. But like I said before NO DEATHS OR CANNIBALISM. 
But other than that we can talk more about this once someone leaves me a note on dA, and we hopefully we can HAVE FUN!!!! XDDDD 


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